• What Are the Characters of Pesticide Intermediates?

    What Are the Characters of Pesticide Intermediates?

    Intermediates are a very important fine chemical product, essentially a class of "semi-finished products", which are intermediate products for the production of certain products. It can save cost and is widely used in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, coatings, dyes and fragrances. In the pharmaceutical field, intermediates are an important link in the pharmaceutical industry chain, and today, CHENENU mainly talk about pesticide intermediates.   What is pesticide Pesticides are chemical synthetics or mixtures of one substance or several substances composed of biological or other natural substances and their preparations used to prevent, destroy or control agricultural, forest, disease, insect, grass and other pests and purposefully regulate the growth of plants and insects. Pyrazole substances are common here. Broadly speaking, pesticides are divided into crop protection pesticides and non-crop protection pesticides. Crop protection pesticides are mainly divided into herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators, etc., which are mainly used for agricultural protection; non-crop protection pesticides mainly include rodenticides, insect repellents, sanitary mosquito supplies, etc.       Synthesis process The synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates is generally carried out in the reactor, and the generated intermediates should be separated and purified, which is usually achieved through extraction technology. And chloroform extraction of pesticide intermediates is a common operating unit in chemical enterprises, and the traditional operating process generally uses distillation tower operation. This operation process is complex, with low extraction efficiency and high power consumption, so most enterprises began to make technical changes to choose a more efficient process for the operation. Solvent extraction method began to become the main operating unit of the extraction section in the chemical industry. This method is simple to operate, with high extraction efficiency and cheap and easy to obtain extraction agent, while the extraction agent can be recycled, effectively saving the comprehensive input cost.   4-Methyl-L-phenylalanine     The role of intermediates The pesticide industry is at the end of the chemical industry chain and belongs to the fine chemical industry. Under the contradiction of global population growth and decreasing arable land, the massive use of pesticides to increase the yield per unit area is an important way to solve the food problem. Different insecticides require different intermediates in the production process. The products resulting from the processing of agricultural raw materials are also intermediates, which can be understood as synergists, also known as organic intermediates. Initially, they are intermediates produced in the process of synthesizing chemical products such as fragrances, dyes, resins, drugs, plasticizers, rubber accelerators, etc. from coal tar or petroleum products.       Pesticides are important production materials in agricultural production and play an extremely important role in controlling pests, diseases and weeds, stabilizing and improving crop yields. We provide custom synthesis/manufacturing including multi-step organic synthesis, process development, pilot and commercial manufacturing, and CMC services. Please contact us if you need to buy them.    



  • The CDMO Demand behind the ADC Drug Boom

    The CDMO Demand behind the ADC Drug Boom

    IUPAC Name:2,5-dioxopyrrolidin-1-yl 2-iodoacetate



  • The Importance of Steroid Hormones in the API Industry

    The Importance of Steroid Hormones in the API Industry

    Since the 1990s, the sales of steroid hormone drugs in the international market have been increasing at a rate of 10%~15% per year. At present, steroid drugs are the second largest class of chemical drugs after antibiotics, and China has taken the development of new resources of steroid hormone drugs as one of the directions and priorities of the recent development of the pharmaceutical industry. The export of hormone APIs and intermediates has become an important variety of Chinese APIs to the world.